Click on the videos below to see some of the latest video productions made by Nexus3.

With satisfaction we present this project entirely curated by NEXUS3, from conception to final realization, from videography to music and original soundtrack. We thank Zushi for the full confidence in relying on our team!

Artistic Director: Giorgio Gnugnol.

NEXUS3 and IDEAL MARKETING for Casaenergymore: Three videos tell the innovative character of the house  "smart " by WOLF HAUS at MADE Expo.

Wolf Haus, a leading company in the construction of prefabricated buildings, presents Casaenergymore, "the first house that produces more energy than it consumes". Nexus3 is a spokesman for this success and carries out the promotional campaign on the occasion of MADE Expo.

The Wolf Haus brand, with a forty-year experience in the construction of prefabricated houses with low energy consumption, introduces casaenergymore on the market and relies on the professionalism of NEXUS3 in audiovisual production and experience of Ideal Marketing in corporate communication to promote the exceptional characteristics of this product.

A first emotional video, lasting about ten minutes, resumes in the title "... And instead you can "what was the corporate motto during the design of Casaenergymore and reports pictures and interviews with members of the Wolf Haus team, documenting the different stages of work, as well as providing information about the technical characteristics of Product and Company philosophy. 

From this extended documentary has been obtained a time short, aimed at online fruition, which effectively synthesizes the contents of the first. 

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