Click on the videos below to see some of the latest video productions made by Nexus3.

Proudly we present this 1 minute commercial made entirely by NEXUS3 for the wine of excellence of the winery St. Michael-Eppan of Bolzano. 

Director and photography: Max Persona

Operator: Paolo Brentegani

Screenplay: Lifecircus Thanks to Hans Terzer, Matteo Carpi and Sebastiano Bergamasco for their precious and courteous collaboration. 

The smash of Christmas 2016-Video made for VIVA FM

Radio VIVAFM Christmas 2016

Video clips editing, editing and Postproduzioe: Max Persona per NEXUS3 s.r.l. 

Video made by NEXUS3 for the promotion of the spring summer 2017 line of THUN products.

Production NEXUS3

Life Circus Agency

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