Nexus3 s.r.l. | WEB & COMMUNICATION


Our creativity, our experience and technological tools improve the communication of our clients, and that is a fundamental component of success.

Our mission is to interpret in a better way the identity of our customers and to transmit it effectively to the user.

Services Offered:

  • Creation of responsive website and app;

  • Web Advertising Planning;

  • Spotify Advertising, Brand Playlists & Profiles, Podcast

  • SEO, SEM and Direct email marketing;

  • Creating and managing profiles, social network pages and blogs;

  • Business communication, operational and strategic marketing;

  • brand identity;

  • Product and brand graphics, packaging, retail outlets, exhibitors, brochures, etc.

  • Local and national media planning;

  • unconventional marketing and guerrilla marketing;

  • all kinds of business gadget;

  • Digital PR, press office;

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